Cats@Work Surprise Box

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UPDATE June 14, 2:44 PM EST:
• There are currently six boxes available, ready to ship now.
• I
f order is placed before 12 noon EST, Box will ship SAME day. 
• If order is placed after 12 noon EST, Box will ship NEXT day. 

This is NOT a subscription box. This is a ONE-TIME ONLY box full of Cats@Work goodies. Some of the products in the box are licensed products, some are independently made by me. Some are one-of-a-kind originals. Some are prototype sample products that either went to retail, or NEVER went to retail and are the ONLY ONES of their kind EVER produced. ALL of the products are LIMITED SUPPLY. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

WHAT WILL I GET in the box?
A SURPRISE variety of Cats@Work products. Products included in each box will vary from box to box, depending on availability. Some things I only have a few of, and other things, I have many of. Some boxes will be close to identical, and other boxes won't be. The factors I take into consideration when crafting a box are: variety of different items in the box as a whole, desirability factor (subjective of course, but I want EVERY box buyer to get something REALLY AMAZINGLY AWESOME WOW FACTOR) AND the products’ suggested retail value (MSRP)  to be sure that EVERY box is comparable in EXCITEMENT value.

HOW MANY ITEMS will I get in my box?
At this time, I estimate that each box will contain about 6-7 products. As I am preparing ALL of the boxes together at the SAME time, this product number may go up. (If this occurs, I will update.) Also, the number of products in your box is going to vary depending on physical space available in the box— some products are bigger, some are tiny— and availability of the particular product will factor in, as well as the factors I have mentioned above in "What will you get in the box?" section. 

Each box will include 6 to 7 of some combination of the following:

• Cold Drink Tumbler Cup
• Ceramic Mug 16 oz. capacity
• Mini-art with grosgrain ribbon for hanging/pinning
• Original Cats@Work art work (approx 4x6")
•Original Cats@Work drawing on color-in card (approx 4x6")
• Steno Pad Notebook (hardcover) 
• Coloring Book
• Cats@Work gift hardcover book (Peter Pauper Press)
• Sticky Note folio
• Cheer Up’s mini-cards
• Greeting Cards Pack Of Six (self published)
• Greeting Card singles (self published)
• Greeting Card singles (licensed)
• Desk Clocks, battery-operated
• 2” Pin-back Buttons
• Loose-Leaf Note Cubes
• Mini-Art Desk Easel Canvas
• Melamine Magnets 
• Actual sample product prototypes including:
Doorknob Signs • Coasters • Erasers • Ceramic eyeglass rest • Monitor Mirror

• 8 x 10 art prints
• XL Colorful Office Greeting Cards
• loose coloring pages ( 3 to a pkg)
• Cats@Work coloring pages art, one-of-a-kind colored in by Kathy

…and whatever else I forgot to list! (I’m sure there’s something!)


I estimate 35 to 40 boxes available, total. The box is being offered on a first come, first served basis, until: 1) all boxes are gone, or 2) I cannot fulfill a good variety of products within a box. Whichever happens first.

In the VERY unlikely event I am unable to fulfill a pre-ordered Surprise Box, a complete refund will be issued to the buyer. I capped the number of boxes available in this listing with plenty of room to spare, so I do not anticipate this happening.

Until further notice, a maximum of three boxes is allowed per order. Why? I have to guard against one order of several boxes with the intention to resell everything individually on eBay. It's highly unlikely that this would occur, and I don't anticipate that would happen, but it could happen. The bottom line is, I want the ACTUAL, REAL CATS FANS (THAT’S YOU) to have access to the box at this price, if you want one. And this is my one way of trying to control that aspect.


I am striving to complete packaging of ALL boxes AT THE SAME TIME. I am doing this to maximize the variety of the overall selection of items in each box for you. (If my second shipment of USPS boxes gets held up for whatever reason, this may not be possible. I'll update this product listing with any new information.) I'm shooting for the date of FRIDAY JUNE 8 for shipment.

The Manufacturers Suggester Retail Price (MSRP) of the products included in each and every box will be AT LEAST the price for the box PLUS shipping cost ($30. + 13.65 domestic USPS Priority flat rate box = $43.65).

Mugs are HEAVY. Books are HEAVY. Melamine magnets and steno pads and much of the items are heavy. The Flat Rate USPS Priority Mail Medium Box allows me to fit as much into the box as possible, without worrying about the weight so I can give you the most value per box. It's actually the most economical, most streamlined way to fit all the items into the box and to you, safely and efficiently. 

The Flat Rate for a USPS Priority Mail Medium box is $47.75. Yikes, I know. 
If I can ship your box cheaper, I will. But it will require some back and forth between us, and I'll have to go to have your box weighed and priced at the Post Office to get you a shipping quote. If you want to Pre-Order one, please email me at to let me know, and please include your full mailing address.

Selections of products in each individual box will be made by me. I am unable to take requests for specific things you want , or don't want, in your box. I am also unable to take requests for the specific design of mug (or whatever) that you want in your box. I am so so sososo sorry, but it’s the way I have to do it, in order to be able to accomplish this release. 

Selections in the box will be made with an eye towards variety as well as YOUR delight and enjoyment. In the case that you receive TWO of any one product type in your box, you will receive two different designs. For example, mugs, magnets, sticky-note folios - if you DO get TWO in your box, you will receive two different designs. 

Surprise Boxes are a FINAL SALE product. However, should anything arrive to you damaged or otherwise non-operational, please send me a photo and I will be happy to replace it for you. And if there’s none of your item left and I cannot replace it 1:1, I’ll offer you something comparable. Of course, I cannot guarantee that what I will have on hand is comparable. But, I am a fair and honest person and I strive to provide quality, satisfaction, and good service. So, you have my word that I will make it work for you. :D

This is the only place the box is available. 

A note about PROTOTYPE/SAMPLE products: 

Prototypes will be included in some boxes. In some cases, it may be imperfect. What I mean is, it may have a white sticker on it somewhere that you may want to remove. It might have a slight ding on it somewhere. It may or may not have a C@W logo on the bottom. This is the nature of the "prototype" beast. It's kind of an experiment!! That is what makes them so COOL though!  They are either ONE of the VERY FIRST of an item ever produced, OR, they are ONE of FEW that was EVER made at all! If YOU are the recipient of a box with a PROTOTYPE sample in it, CONGRATULATIONS! You will now possess an extremely limited-edition Cats@Work item. Very few others have ever even SEEN it, let alone OWNED one— and NOW, YOU have a very special piece of Cats@Work history!

A note about product packaging:
Most products will arrive to you without any outer "retail" packaging. This is because Cats@Work merch is generally sold without retail packaging + is designed for a tactile, multi-product display. In some cases, the products will be packaged in clear protective bags from the manufacturing. If they came with it, I am leaving it on for protection of your item. In other cases where no manufacturer protection is present, I will package items for general protection purposes myself. This packaging will vary, from a clear envelope, to a large envelope, to brown paper.

By ordering, you agree that you have read, understand and acknowledge the information given in this listing description. Thank you SO MUCH for your support of Cats@Work! ^__^

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fun Surprise!

Ordering one of these surprise boxes was so fun! I had a great time reading what might be included in it and the anticipation of it coming in the mail to see what was actually in my box was like anticipating Christmas when I was a kid! Such a fun thing to do!


Cats@Work Surprise Box

Cats@Work for the win!

I bought a cats@work mug for my sister for Christmas last year and she loved it. When I saw the surprise box offer I knew it would be perfect for her birthday! The selection of products was great and I know my sister will be thrilled.

Great box, but mixed up items.

I am very happy with my surprise box and all the products within it. My only complaint is that my box does not include the products that are listed on the included items slip. The list of included items states that I should have a sticky note folio and six pack of greeting cards both of which were not included in the box. I almost wish there wasn't a list of items so I didn't know I was missing things! I believe I received two other small products instead which appear to be small square prints about the size of a coaster. The products I did receive are awesome, especially the original art! I love cats @ work.

Hi Sarah! I am so sorry I made a mistake on your box! I will be in touch with you to correct the mistake! :D
Great surprise!

I love Cats@Work. Sometimes the pictures get me through the company politics. My box contained a lot of goodies, including a mug I hadn’t gotten yet. Thank you!

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