I Am A Kidney Disease Warrior Coloring Book

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I Am A Kidney Disease Warrior: An Adult Coloring Book For Strength, Motivation and Positive Vibes: 20 Strengthening Sayings To Color delivers support, understanding, and creative therapy for those with kidney disease. Features single-sided coloring pages with motivational, encouraging and empowering affirmations specifically for those facing the daily challenges of kidney disease.

High quality, original line art by Kathy Weller features creative inspirational support art with llama, sloth, koala, flowers, cacti, rainbows, and more in twenty inventive and unique designs that will keep you positively engaged for hours of meditative coloring fun. 
• Title Page
• About this Book: What inspired this book

• Coloring Tips
Coloring Pages:
• I Am Not Defined By My Limitations
• Just Focus On Your Health, Don’t Worry About Anything Else* 
• My Dialysis Keeps Me Kickin’
• No Kidney Disease Is Going To Get In The Way Of Me And My Long, Healthy, Happy Life
• Never Skip A Session. Stay Strong And Focused. Always Take Care Of Me.
• Just Stick With It
• My Health Is Worth Fighting For
• Attitude Is Everything
• Better Days Are Ahead Of Me… I’m Gettin’ There!
• I’m a lot tougher than I look. Really.
• Dialysis Is My Lifeline
• I Am My Own Hero
• Dialysis Is Not For Sissies
• When I Need To Rest… I Rest. And That’s Okay.
• Some Days Are Tough. Others Are Fair. But I’m Here. And I’m A Fighter. And That’s What Counts.
• My Faith Protects Me On My Down Days.
• Thank You, Dialysis. You’re Always There For My Kidneys.
• I Am A Chronic Kidney Disease Warrior.
• You Are Brave.* 
• I Will Never Stop Fighting For My Health.   

* asterisked coloring pages are also included in  I Am A Cancer Warrior

Back pages:
• About Courageous Coloring
Let’s Connect
This book combines the meditative and therapeutic benefits of coloring with the specifically chosen sayings of empowerment and encouragement for kidney disease warriors!  I created this book to support you, when you’re having a rough day, or have a dialysis day and could use a pick me up during your session. I support you, and so does this book.

This book is © 2018 Kathy Weller and is formally registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. All rights reserved.

I am an independent artist and ALL of my products feature original designs created by me and ONLY me! No clip art, no fonts. All original hand lettering and original illustrated designs. They are special unique gifts from the maker to you, that you won't find anywhere else. Celebrate originality!!

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