BRUNCH BAE Pancakes Hand Lettered Mug

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The BRUNCH BAE pancakes mug features a high stack of delicious syrupy pancakes, all the better to wash down with the many mimosas you can chug from your BRUNCHBAE pancakes mug! Here's to happy rainbows and sunshine, pancakes, mimosas... and a Real Housewives marathon.

This mug also comes in BRUNCH QUEEN and BRUNCH SQUAD designs.

This is a high-quality white ceramic mug, dishwasher and microwave safe. Design is printed on both sides of mug, lefties and righties unite. 

I am an independent artist and ALL of my mugs and products feature original designs created by me and ONLY me. No clip art, no fonts. All original hand lettering and original illustrated designs. They are special unique gifts from the maker to you, that you won't find anywhere else. Celebrate originality!!

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