Be Brave Manifesto

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See Be Brave wall art here.

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For a dose of bravery and guts along with your morning coffee, look no further than this mug! Simply put, this mug ROCKS! It'll give you both a hug, a cheer, a little bit of boot camp, and a little bit of mentorship. This manifesto-on-a-mug will cheer you on to greater heights, each and every day. Accomplish EVERYTHING you want. This mug has your back. ALWAYS.

This is a high-quality, white ceramic mug, dishwasher and microwave safe. This mug features a cool, horizontal graphic that WRAPS AROUND the entire length and width of the mug.

I am an independent artist and ALL of my mugs and products feature original designs created by me and ONLY me. No clip art, no fonts. All original hand lettering and original illustrated designs. They are special unique gifts from the maker to you, that you won't find anywhere else. Celebrate originality!!

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