Hi, I'm Kathy.

WELCOME to my Happy Land of Mugs! (... and T's!)

 Mugs have become my own magical canvas for creating empathetic, encouraging, funny and sometimes cathartic sayings to help people feel good, supported, or just to simply laugh! They are also a blank slate for my own inner-thoughts, hopes, and dreams... Oh! And don't forget the sarcasm + humor! (Very important.) My mugs are a huge catalyst for my own self-expression, and my desire to help others to feel creative and express themselves! 

I also love mugs because they perfectly encompass my philosophy on product art:
The art that you live with and use in small moments of your day, can have a deeply significant impact on your own well-being and on your outlook on life. 

My mug art encourages positivity and good vibes, enriching your life in those simple moments when you are having your morning coffee, evening tea or anything in between! What could be a small, fleeting moment turns into something special, introspective, joyful, and even empowering when you are in tune with your mug! I love coming up with new designs and writing or choosing new sayings. They are colorful and a surprisingly unique and fun way to help you express your thoughts, feelings, opinions and personality everyday, at any time, and for every mood!

Speaking of self-expression, I've wanted to offer t-shirts for a long time. They always fit my product philosophy perfectly. But, it's taken me a long time to come around to offering them. Why? Well, the truth is,I am a t-shirt snob! I have always prefer silkscreened t's, which is not a format of printing which I could reasonably offer. And, for many years, I just didn't think DTG (direct-to-garment) printing was up to par. I didn't like really it for myself. And, since I won't offer my valued customers anything less than I would love and wear myself, DTG wasn't on the table.

However, times change, and technology gets better. DTG has improved by leaps and bounds! Recently, I decided to test DTG t-shirt quality, and— surprise — I was thrilled with it. Unlike ten or so years ago, I now find the technology used for DTG t-shirts results in a product that is extremely close to the quality of a silkscreened t-shirt. No longer closer to the quality of an iron-on than a silkscreened T! Yay! In fact, it's so close, that I now wear DTG t-shirts on the regular, and I think they look great. What I'm trying to say is, the quality improved, and now I'm a convert. Add to that the variety of styles and brand offerings? It was a no-brainer! I'm now proudly offering t-shirts, too!

Thank you so much for visiting my little shop home (and for reading this far!) I hope you find something here that is special and unique expression for for someone you care about, or a kind and loving present for yourself— one that perfectly expresses the uniqueness of YOU! 

Hugs + Mugs ( + T-shirts, too),