Hashtag Mug Sketches



These are the original sketches for my first Hashtag mugs.


 (Click on the pics to see the finished mugs!)

>> See the completed HASHTAG Embroidery mug here

This is how most of my mug designs begin!

I never get tired of the sketches. I think sketches have their own unique beauty that can't really be "improved" upon by completing the concept in a more finished format. Sure, you CAN complete the concept in a finished illustration and, of course, we often do.  But it doesn't make the sketch inferior to the final! Not at ALL!  At least, not in my eyes. That's like comparing bananas and coconuts!  Sketches have a special magic all their own! They have unique qualities that a finished piece doesn't possess. Sketches are enchanting!! 

(Can you tell that the magic of sketches is a personal crusade of mine?)

>> See the completed HASHTAG Sewing/Quilting mug here 

>>See the completed HASTAG Creative Biz mug here

Which themes would YOU like to see on a future HASHTAG  mug? Let me know in the comments!  


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