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Earlier this year, I tried out Etsy Wholesale. It was an extension of Etsy, but for wholesale buyers— a marketplace for them to discover new makers to stock their stores with unique products! I was an EW member from March until June, when they decided to discontinue the program. Within that short time, I discovered a whole new world I wanted to move forward with! So, I explored other wholesale platforms to partner with. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for my potential and current customers to shop wholesale with me! So, I landed on two: Indigo Fair and Hubba

Many brick-and-mortar stores are signed up with one of these platforms already...and if you’re not already, chat with me here! (It’s a whole new world for YOU, too!) 

If you’re a shop and would be interested in carrying my mugs, give a look to these two platforms. I’ve added a page here to give you direct links, as well as to answer questions you may have about working with me wholesale!

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  • Marty Qatani on

    Wow.. this seems like an awesome thing to be involved in. Trying not to jump the gun before I get a bit more established with some sales. Still trying to get some attention / sales with Etsy shop, and currently (slowly) transitioning my site from Weebly to Shopify, so trying not to have too many pots on the stove, but how would this work with self publishing like your journals ? I currently have a coloring book via KDP and I’m looking to market this beyond Amazon.

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