New tees!

New tshirts

I'm now offering t-shirts ! I am SO excited to share the news!

Here's the story: I've been wanting to take this leap for so long. But, I never had any illusions about the amount of work it would be to bring this offering to you guys. Searching out the "closest-to-my-perfect" t-shirt partner would be a challenge.

Kathy Weller Art T-shirt Unboxing and Try-On

Watch my t-shirt unboxing and try-on video here

Direct To Garment printing is really the only type of tee printing process that makes sense for me to offer. This is because, with DTG printing, the tees can be printed one-by-one, on demand as your order comes in. This is not true of silkscreen printing, where you need to purchase your silkscreened t-shirts up front, in bulk, at once, and hope you ordered the right amound of sizes, colors and/or style to suit your customers' needs. Yup!

There are many DTG on-demand t-shirt production houses, that artists like me can work with to bring or tees to you. But, considering how discriminating I am— this can be both a blessing AND a curse at times, trust! — I knew that finding the best one for MY particular set of wants + needs would be a challenge... And, quite honestly, my past experience with DTG printing was not awesome. That was ten years ago, though. So, it was time to take a second look.

I was hoping the quality had changed for the better. I was hoping I'd find the right partner who could bring all of my "highest-printing-quality" and "awesome-t-shirt-offerings" wishes together. Seemed like a tall order... but, I put on my armor and went for it.

I'm SO glad I did!

I'm thrilled with my new t-shirt partner (don't worry! My mug partners are still the same, with the best mug printing I've ever seen!)  I am in love with the tees. The print quality is nothing short of stellar!! 

These t-shirt printing gurus checked ALL of the boxes that mattered THE MOST to me in a t-shirt partner. The printing is AH-MA-ZING (really, it is amazing). They offer many of the most popular and contemporary t-shirt brands, models and styles. And, if you don't see the right mix of design and t-shirt for the one you want, I can do any design on any t-shirt for you. Just email me here. It's easy for me to give you exactly the tee you want!

 To see what models I'm currently offering, look at "T-shirts >> By Model"  in the top horizontal menu bar. Occasionally I will be adding new tee models, as well! More choices for you!

Please DO check out the tees!!  Happy shopping!! and, thank you SO MUCH for your interest in my work and art!! 😙 😙

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