My largest mug series yet.

Beaming with parental pride over my latest mug series, 🌜ZODIAC! 🌛 It's the largest themed series of mugs I've ever released at one time (and the largest themed series I have ever done, besides). 
Gemini Zodiac Two-Sided Hand Lettered Mug by Kathy Weller

How did the series come about? I plotted and planned the concept and design pretty carefully. I had to honor this historic ritual and universal language and I wanted to do it RIGHT. 🌟So, I did a lot of research. I researched to figure out what type of astrological imagery worked best organically with my style, and what types did not, so I could take what worked and really put my own special spin on it! 

Zodiac Capricorn Hand Lettered Mug by Kathy Weller

I decided against adding calendar dates. Here's why: recently they've been switched up. Did you know this? (It's wacky. Google it. Apparently, the planets moved... or something like that.) Anyway, to each their own, but I identify as the same sign I've been for my entire life and now that the signs have shifted dates, it is confusing. So, once I discovered this change, I squashed the date idea. 
Zodiac Astrology Sign Libra Hand Lettered Mug by Kathy Weller

I also knew the concept had to feature lots of luscious hand lettering!! So I integrated the most positive personality traits of each sign into the design- also fitting, because they increase the positive vibes and support self confidence & inner joy, and I am ALL FOR THAT!! 

Another thing necessary in this series was, they had to have juicy colors in there! I didn't go too crazy trying to stick to the astrological script -- this color for that sign, and so on -- because through my research, I discovered that there are varying opinions of which colors are official for specific signs, and which are not! I guess that shouldn't be a surprise, but I did look into it and, that's the facts, Jack. So, I followed the general colors per sign as closely as felt right to me, and left the rest up to the stars... Creative license! 

Last but not least, you get to choose which side of the mug you want to gaze upon, when you hold your mug! There's a Lefty and a Righty version available for each design.
Pisces Zodiac Mug Hand Lettered by Kathy Weller

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them for you! I'm proud of this series and feel that they're very unique + special, just like you!!

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