Mugstomer Spotlight: Vanessa Bork

Mugstomer Spotlight

Vanessa Bork Mugstomer Spotlight

She is a Moonlight Mermaid!

Here's my dear Mugstomer (and September mug giveaway winner) Vanessa Bork modeling her Moonlight Mermaid mug. Vanessa is a Psychology Graduate student who is studying to be a licensed therapist. In my eyes, she's doing that job on Instagram already (and with a little group life coaching thrown, in for good measure)!

Vanessa often writes thought-provoking, philosophical, generous essays on life and everyday challenges on her Instagram feed. She looks on the bright side, while always being realistic, and I💖💖💖  that!

Go check out Vanessa and get to know her! (While you're there, let her know Kathy sent you! )

Cheers! ☕️


The Mugstomer Spotlight Series highlights my actual mugstomers, introducing you to all kinds of people with unique passions. Learning about others from different walks of life broadens our own points of view, and strengthens our human connection! (Rainbows and butterflies!)

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