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Secret Sloth Society Mug by Kathy Weller

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!

I've been working in secret to get this new fully-featured mug shop ready for YOU in time for Black Friday.

Hey, you know what? It's time to up-level my mug shop game. So, I decided to create a fully functioning, feature-rich  shop for YOUR mug shopping entertainment and enjoyment! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your business and your overall mugstomer comeraderie. You guys are THE BEST customers and mug fans EVER. So, this shop is JUST for YOU! I hope you really enjoy it!

Please take a look around and you'll see some nice features, such as:

•••Mugs By Theme, via Drop-Down Box!

(I am really excited about this!)  All mugs are now organized by theme, via drop-down box! To see ALL of the themes, go to "MUGS" in the main navigation bar, and a drop-down box will appear.

•••Leave A Review on Product Listing Pages!

This is huge! Just look for the "Customer Reviews" underneath the blurb on the product listing page. I'm excited about this!

•••FAQ and Help Center!

I have attempted to answer every question you might have on this page. I'm sure there are some questions I missed, so hit me up on the Contact page and let me know what questions I am forgetting! 

•••Custom note on "Add To Cart" page!

No more waiting to add your note at check out. (The place to do it is directly above the "Add To Cart" button.)  You can SEE your custom note to recipient at every stage of the check-out process. So you can feel confident about your note being attached to your mug order! :D


•••Leave a note at check-out!

Of course, in case you forget to add the gift note, or, if you have a question or a comment or just want to say HELLO, there's a spot to do that, too!

On the "Your Cart" page, there is text that says  "add a note to your order" right underneath your cart items. Click on that, and leave me a note!

••• A Dedicated Press Page!

Finally... one specific place for everything muggy in the media! Yay!

My Etsy Shop is not going anywhere.

I LOVE Etsy (obviously)! But it's time for me to supplement it with a dedicated, fully-functioning "flagship" home for my mugs. 

THIS is a place that you can always come to and enjoy the same level of comfort and a FUN shopping experience, and the safety and peace of mind that you get when you're shopping with me on Etsy (and heck, maybe even some ADDITIONAL bells and whistles, too!) This is a Shopify-powered web site. Shopify is one of the top e-commerce tools around and is very secure with excellent SSL protection. You probably already shop many other sites on the regular that are built on Shopify!

Ok! I am a work-in-progress (as you know)... and there are still things that need some love... So!

Phase Two is in the works.

I am working on updating ALL of my mug listings so the visual design is more unified. Integrating Instagram, mugstomer images, or some combination of this is also on the docket.

I would LOVE to hear your feedback. Please let me know what you think so far (and if you have any suggestions, I am all ears, too).

If you would like weekly updates, please sign up for Mug Mail! I give you all the info!

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  • Karin Isabella on

    Well done Kathy. I’m thrilled for you. I love all your stuff and am lucky to own a few. I look forward to doing some Xmas shopping here xx

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